4 Doubts You Should Get Cleared about the Interstate Transport of Your Car

While moving from one state to another state of Australia, moving your car may be a complicated matter for you.

There are many things to consider when it’s about long distances to move to, including but not restricted to quarantine, means of transport etc.

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Here are some doubts you may have and get cleared to make sure your vehicle is transported safely.

1. Which Cars will Need to Go Through Quarantine?

You should remember if you are moving to Tasmania or Western Australia that these two regions take their quarantine pretty seriously.

If you hire a company for your interstate car transport Australia like Dazmac Logistics, they will tell you that it’s very important to make sure your car is clean and empty.

Actually it’s worth sending your car through a car wash before transporting it to Tasmania or WA.

If dirt or mud is found on your vehicle, they may require you to have it cleaned at your expense before entering the state. And it is quite expensive.

If the car is found to be not up to the standard of a Quarantine Inspection, you will have to pay the least quarantine cleaning fee of around $125.

Then once your car has been cleansed, it will be inspected again and that may incur additional charges.

All in all, it’s better to find a friendly quarantine cleaning services such as Dazmac Logistics and get your car cleaned professionally so as to avoid the additional expenses.

2. Can You Leave Some Items in Your Car?

Most of the times, the answer to this question is no; but several carriers can help with this on certain routes for an additional charge.

The best strategy is to invite a free quote and reply to it to see if they offer this service, since it varies from company to company.

If the company is not providing this service, you should make sure your vehicle is totally empty of all loose objects that don’t belong to the car.

Any boxes, bags, baby seats and tools should be removed from the car. If you are selling your vehicle, leaving manuals inside the glove box is not a problem.

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3. Are All Cars Transported on the Back of Trucks?

Not all, but many cars are transported on the back of trucks. However, sometimes the National Rail System is also used to transport cars interstate.

Sometimes even they are transported via ships; but this is usually done while going from the Eastern Australia to Western Australia.

This means that there are a lot of options for transporting your car within Australia.

But to most customers, how the car is moved doesn’t matter much, but how carefully it is transported does. If it does for you too, you should make sure that they transport your car utmost carefully.

4. Can You Know the Time When You can Collect the Car?

If you opt for receiving your car at a residence or business address, you will get a call from the carrier about the exact time of collection.

Getting all your doubts clear about your car’s interstate transport can give you the desired peace of mind. So, take an informed decision and eliminate stress.

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