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Advice On Saving When Renting A Vehicle

The renting season is alive during the whole year as people constantly need to rent bigger vehicles such as vans and trucks for their personal needs. One of the most popular reasons why people rent big vehicles is to help themselves pack all of the things at once during their moving process, however, there are various other reasons as well.

No matter what’s the purpose, it is important to rent the vehicle from a trusted company. For example, Go With The Gecko has quite a good reputation, however, if you are not in an area where their service is available, you should check out a company that offers similar vehicles under similar terms.

Avoid airports

All companies have various stations, and even if a company in your neighborhood has quite low prices, that same company might have towering prices if it’s near an airport. That is because airport locations tend to increase the price by a high amount due to all the tourists who might need some assistance with their huge batches of luggage.

You might be aware of this advice already as airports are usually known to overprice all kinds of things and not just the renting price of a van or truck for rent. However, even if a lot of people are aware of this issue, there are still some who unfortunately pay the big bucks at those spots.

Reserve for longer

While it might seem counterproductive as you will pay more when you rent a vehicle for a bigger duration of time, all companies often lower the price for each extra day by a decent amount. You can never know if you will have to rent a vehicle for an extra day due to some unfortunate circumstances, and returning it after the original return date at that point will cost extra anyway.

Next to that, having the vehicle in your possession for an extra day will give you some time to give it a proper cleaning session to make it look as new as possible. That is because a lot of renting companies will ask you to overpay because the vehicle might seem damaged, even if it just covered in dirt.

Rent a van for multiple days, like for a vacation, to get the best value

Avoid big brands

The most common mistake people make when it comes to not only renting but to anything else that involves any kind of branding is that they will often pay a lot of money for a product that is released by a big brand while its production cost is not even close to the selling one. You can save a lot of money by renting vehicles at a smaller company that provides the same equipment with a different sticker.


It is common sense that bigger trucks and vans will cost more money when it comes to renting. However, as most companies ask you for the license for those vehicles, you might want to hire UTE and van vehicles from Go With The Gecko as UTE vehicles feel the same as a car, they are usually cheaper to rent, and they still do a great job for moving bigger items.

Big vans are good enough to transport all kinds of things

Final Word

The most important thing that will get save you money is, of course, doing enough research. Finding the best deal online can often grant you some kind of a virtual coupon that you can use at your closest rental dealership without you ever finding out about it without using the internet.

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