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Four Common Winter Driving Mistakes you Must Avoid at All Costs

Winter conditions can be harsh, depending on where you are. Ice, snow, and slush can make it difficult to drive your car normally on the road. Ensuring your car is winter-ready by using winter tires is paramount to your safety. Also, it is important to know the common mistakes that many drivers make so you can avoid them at all costs. These mistakes include the following:

Failing to Slow Down Despite Reduced Traction

Sure, this seems obvious but drivers will still try to operate their vehicle near at or near the speed limit even if the driving conditions have deteriorated. Smart drivers know when not to drive fast. If your vehicles’ traction has reduced, get it checked by a mechanic to evaluate its safety for driving or think about getting a new set of tires.

Not Evaluating Road Conditions

Before you decide to drive and head to the road, make sure you check with local radio stations, television, or internet to know weather forecasts and warnings as well as road conditions. This lets you know whether you should change your route, avoid the ice, or cancel your trip altogether. A lot of vehicles today are equipped with thermometers which will inform you if ice could be forming on the road. Moreover, you can check for ice formation on the road yourself. Bridges are expected to freeze up before the road will. As vehicles compress snow into ice, there will be ice formation in worn tire tracks.

Not Being Alert on the Road

Your safety on the road largely depends on where you are looking.  You must look farther up the road for any unsafe traffic situations or weather conditions in advance. Also, avoid staring at the vehicle in front of you since any mistake that vehicle makes will also be your mistake. As a professional driver, you should know about this basic thing but because some drivers have this habit, this is worth noting.

Failing to Master Controls

Make sure you use smooth driving techniques so you can control your vehicle perfectly. Did you know that a lot of drivers crash vehicles because of over-correcting and not steering properly? On icy roads, your reaction on ice causes the loss of control, not the ice. Mastering controls can take time and practice but if you want to drive safely, you should take an effort to learn, especially in terms of proper steering.

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