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How to Compare between Two SUVs and choose the Best

With so many options of SUVs, sedans and other variants choosing the best car that will be most useful for you can be a little difficult.

However, if you have made up your mind on purchasing an SUV, it comes down to choosing the ideal one that suits your requirements, budget and purpose.

Features to compare between SUVs to make your choice

The plethora of choices with regard to SUV Indonesia will certainly make your task difficult. Here are some considerations that can help you find the ideal SUV:

Safety Features

Comparison of safety features is essential for those having small children in the family. Whether it is driving down the first time from the hospital or going to the school. You will want an SUV Indonesia that has extended safety features that will keep you and your children safe at all times.

You can compare safety features like panic alarm, rear child safety lock, seatbelts, side impact bars and the number of airbags present. Most of these features might be standard in the SUV models that you choose.

You can then compare the preventative safety measures like disc brakes, brake assistance and electronic stability system to make your choice.

Entertainment Features

When you go out as a family, the most crucial element in your travel is that of entertainment. While you have to keep an excited ten year old subdued, you will have to keep the interests of the teenager in mind while playing the music.

You can compare features like the presence of LCD monitors, voice activated radio, radio controls on the wheel to aid easy control, ability to make wireless phone calls.

Other comparable features include audio controls, smart device integration and wireless connectivity. Such features will keep the kids of all ages busy and entertained, especially on long road trips.

Usual Features

Besides the safety and entertainment features, the usual features that can help you choose the ideal SUV include price, performance, fuel efficiency and mileage and ownership costs.

The car manufacturers have really ramped up the features that are provided in the new-age SUVs, all thanks to the competition between brands. The end result is a vast number of options for the consumer.


When you are looking to buy the best SUV Indonesia, give due importance to your budget and purpose. These are the two main factors that will help you choose the best car.

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