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Mobile Detailing in the Face of COVID-19: Why a Drive-Through Car Wash Should Not be an Option

For some car owners, a drive-through car wash is a convenient way to keep their cars clean and maintained. They are an inexpensive way to get the most obvious dirt off your beloved vehicle. However, with the dangers of the novel coronavirus, making a quick stop at an Irvine car wash may not be a smart idea.

Sure, drive-through car washes will save you time and money; however, it can cause damages to your car that can hurt your wallet over time. This article explains why drive-through car washes are not the smartest option these days and why you should instead consider professional mobile detailing:

How Much Drive-Through Car Washes Truly Cost You

Usually, drive-through car washes use rotating brushes or miter curtains for rubbing dirt from your car’s surface. This method is nothing compared to mobile detailing, which thoroughly gets rid of all grime from both your car’s interior and exterior. A drive-through car wash Irvine uses cleaning machines that produce friction to get the dirt off your car. Such friction can wear down your vehicle’s clear coat and cause chips in the paint job. Also, during the cleaning process, dirt and grime get dragged across the surface at high speed, leaving chips and scratches. Dealing with these imperfections is not cheap but it is a must to keep your car in its perfect driving condition.

What to Expect in the Long Term?

Although your car may still look fine from a distance, the chips and scratches from the drive-through wash can lead to expensive issues down the road. First, your car may look older than its age which can reduce its resale value.

Moreover, as the paint job may be compromised, this means reduced protection for your car against oxidation and corrosion. Because you want to maintain the protective paintwork and your car’s clear coat, you will want to have the entire vehicle repainted. This project can cost hundreds of dollars; however, it can be even costlier to leave the body of your car collecting rust.

Why Mobile Detailing is a Better Option?

If you want to keep your car clean and maintained, ensure to get it detailed. Mobile detailing is an affordable and convenient way to care for your car. It cleans all grime from the interior and exterior without damaging anything.  Also, it eliminates whorls from the clear coat and reduces blemishes in the paint job. Most importantly, you can get a mobile detailing service wherever you are in Irvine.

Furthermore, some professional detailers also offer customized services and a variety of car detailing packages. You can get a special service tailored to your specific needs and budget.

How Mobile Detailing Works Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

While maintaining your car is important to ensure it runs smoothly and safely, you don’t want to between maintenance and your health and safety. Mobile detailing experts in Irvine adheres to strict CDC sanitation guidelines to make sure they do their job without direct contact with you. This makes it easy to practice social distancing and helps prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease.

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