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What Makes AMG C43 Sports Sedan A Complete Package?

The Mercedes-Benz “AMG C43” is a perfect sports car model that comes with the feature of a sedan. It has a large 3 liters AMG with an improved biturbo V-6 engine that produces an astonishing 362 hp and 384-pound ft torque. This model zips to sixty mph in just 4.6 seconds to give a top speed of around 130 mph. Let us learn about its remarkable features in detail.

A complete package

The C43 AMG Mercedes model is a lot more than just a snappy acceleration. It is a comprehensive package of comfort, performance and technology. The taut suspension of the model provides a firm drive that improves dexterity without exhausting roughness. Its optional nineteen inches wheels give remarkable summer performance tires that let it take turns through accuracy.

The steering is light and direct. Big brakes provide smooth operation with ease. This 4Matic drive enhances dry-road handling and adds high end security on normal roads as well as wet, snow-clad and icy roads.

Lighter and easy to handle

The C43 model of Mercedes C-Class series is best seller model in the entire Mercedes-Benz model series. It is extensively redesigned to be 200 pounds lighter as compared to its previous models. The reason for its light weight is due to extensive amount of aluminum used in making it. This model has got 111.8-inches of wheelbase that grows by nearly three inches in size. This results in greater leg space for rear-seat passengers.

Interesting variations

The Mercedes AMG C-Class is launched in various type of variations such as coupe, sedan and convertible configurations. This sedan begins with the model C300 at just $39,000, C300 4Matic at around $41,000, C43 sedan at $52,500, C63 at $65,000, and C63S at around $72,800.

C43 model bonds the distance between the fundamental model and the complete tilt AMG C63, which is handcrafted with V-8 engine. It is available with 469 hp or 503 hp in the C63S. Thus, in these ways, the C43 provide superior performance to users in terms of crisp handling and stirring performance at a price lower than the C63 model.

Driving modes

C43 comes with a multipurpose role and 5 selectable drive modes. These are eco, sport, comfort, individual and sport plus. Eco provides the finest fuel economy, with a slight reduction in performance. Comfort is default everyday setting. Sport provides tighter suspension settings and sharper throttle response.


All of these interesting features of Mercedes AMG C43 makes it one of the unbeatable, high performance and efficient sports car.

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